Moravian CCD cooling percentage shown?


Hello folks,
is there somebody who use a Moravian CCD with SGP? Mine does not shown the cooling percentage in SGP.

Should I address this to the moravian support.


Hi Thomas,

my G2-8300 also do not show the cooling percentage. The percentage number in brackets beside the temperature allways shows “0%”. So I think there is no problem with your camera.

I have tested it with SIPS - there is the cooling percentage shown. I asume it is an issue with the driver. Either the ASCOM driver does not provide this number and SIPS uses another driver or SG Pro does not read this value.

Best regards



Mine just drops the connection during the cooldown process - but - if I cooldown using SIPPS, then disconnect and quickly connect using SGP, then I find it stays connected and the cooling % is shown.


Hello Chris, Hello Reinhard,
I think both issues are related to the Moravian ASCOM driver. I use version 3.0. We should both issures adress this to Moravian.
@Chris: is it ok for you to do this for us?

This email address should work:
Pavel Cagas


Hello starhopper, hello Chris,

if you are also Moravian user, you also may suffer from in opinion bigger issue:

If yes, perhaps you can asdress this issue also in your mail? But I am not sure, if I understood the problem with the filter wheel correctly and if it is adequate to write (once again?) a mail to Moriavian.

Please keep us in the loop, if you contact Pavel.

Best regards




I’ve got a G2-8300 with a 10 position external filter wheel.
So far, I’ve never had any problem. The cooling percentage is shown, and the filter wheel works perfectly (I still have to integrate or just make a “frame and focus” to change the filter, but it’s not a problem IMO).
I can check my drivers version and other informations if needed, just let me know.



Hello Nicolas,
thanks for your reply, I’ve got the same ccd and filter wheel. I run ASCOM Driver 3.0 and the cooling percentage is not shown. It is also not shown using APT Tool.



I have got a G2-8300FW (internal 5 position Filterwheel). No problems with reading out the Temp or FW position. But I’m using V2.0 of the Ascom Driver…



Hello Thomas,

I’m using V3.0 of the ASCOM Driver, 32 bits.



Hello Nicolas,
maybe it is a bug in a certain driver version of moravians ccd. Can we determine what driver we have (not the ascom)?


I’m not sure how to gather this information. If you know a way, I’ll give you all the informations about my ccd and drivers.


I think it’s may be this :


Hello Nicolas,
mine is from 18.05.2015


Hello Everbody,
now I have upgraded to Driver version fresh downloaded from their website. The camera and filter wheel works but the cooling percentage is not show in SGP and Nebulosity.


My g2-8300c works as expected.
Cooling percentage works like it works in SIPS.
I’d also like to see actual ambient temperature there (like SIPS does), it would be useful.


I got feedback from Moravian that they are aware of this issue. We should be patient, they work on a new ASCOM driver.


Yesterday I got a e-mail from Moravian. They have released ASCOM driver 3.1. The issue should be fixed.


Thanks for the info ;-).
I actually experience the same issue with 3.0.


Oh no. I will check this at the weekend and will give feedback to Moravian. What is your ccd type?


I own a G3-11000 FW :relaxed: