Moravian CFW and SGP problem


I just got Moravian 16000 G4 series camera with CFW.
I can connect to the 32 bit ASCOM driver. However, the CFW does not actually rotate.
The colors on CFW tab change however.

I have verified the CFW rotates fine with native SIPS application.

I am going to see if the ASCOM driver works in another software package.

Any help appreciated.


I found a prior post on this. It appears the CFW won’t move until an exposure is started.

Kinda weird but I will test this.


That’s right, that is how it works…




I also just received the same camera and FW. I also found the old post Oct 15 regarding the same issue. Here is a question for the group. Who do we pursue to try and get this fixed. It does not work. I have tested it several times.


Email Moravian or perhaps their US dealer.


Btw, the CFW should work but won’t turn until you take an image.


I guess I need to qualify my " it does not work" The filter wheel works fine, but the filter wheel functionality in SGP does not work in that as you say, it needs an image to turn the filter to the correct selection.


Correct. For whatever reason, that is how Moravian implemented their driver. We have no control over this. We tell it to switch filters but it won’t actually move until you trigger an image. You’d have to contact Moravian or the maintainer of their ASCOM driver to address this.