Mosaic Wizard and frame rotation


Quick question regarding the Framing and Mosaic wizard.

I know it draws images from the DSS for you to define an area for the mosaic, but chances are pretty good that the frame that is captured will be in a different orientation as far as rotation.

Since I don’t have a rotator, and I don’t plan to baby sit and do manual rotation, what is the best way to deal with this?


Well, if you’re unwilling to rotate between panels, then increasing the frame overlap is really your only option.

Thankfully, the issue doesn’t get too crazy until you got to higher declinations, but obviously just how much you need to fudge things is a function of several parameters.

There are, I believe, a few Feature Request threads which you could “like” asking for F&MW to take rotation into account, and calculate a rotation for each target, but if you don’t wish to utilize manual rotator, that feature wouldn’t offer much in the way of assistance.


I know from experience with my camera that with F&M Wizard at zero degree corresponds to a vertical orientation of the imagining chip and obviously 90 degrees is a horizontal orientation. With most targets, I find that one of these two orientations will do the job. You could also get fancy with 45 and 135 degrees but you will have to experiment to determine which corresponds to which camera position. Unless you have a rotator (manual or automatic), these coarse positions are about the best you can do.


Okay I just did a pass through Astrometry of one of the three galaxys in the Leo Trip.

It came back with “up is 86.6 degrees east of north” so a 90 degree rotation?