Mosaic wizard enquiry


Is there any advantage in using the framing and mosaic wizard if you don’t have a powered rotator?
I have recently dabbled with some widefield mozaics (on an EQ mount) and rotation has been an issue that greatly restricts the useful part of the combined image. Something I had not considered before.




The F&M wizard is a great tool to use for every target, not just mosaics. I don’t have a rotator and use it all the time, for single panes and mosaics.
What “rotation” issue are you referring to? As long as you physically set your camera angle to some angle you know (like 0deg or 90deg), and allow enough overlap between the mosaic panels, then the small amount of image rotation due to poor polar alignment shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


FMW is a great tool and I use it for virtually every target to get the framing I think best suits the image I want.
I don’t have a rotater.
So, YES! There is great advantage to using the FMW, rotater or no.
The FMW is not just for those with rotaters. Nor, for that matter, just for doing mosaics!


Thanks Joel.

The rotation has shown up attempting a mosaic of 4 panes with a 55mm lens on my dslr. Between frames I just moved in RA and the merged frames each have an angle of about 15 degrees between them, resulting in a banana shaped image. I have not yet tried a mosaic with the telescope so this will not be an issue with a smaller field of view. I have recently checked my polar alignment with PHD2 drift align.


Thanks for the recommendation Terry.

I have a manual rotator that adds only a few mm to the back spacing. It is a fairly cheap solution and easier to use than turning the camera.

I will definitely give FMW a try.