Mount Connection Issue During Image Sequence


During an image sequence I get a pop window saying “The mount is parked or not tracking! Would you like to start tracking? Answering No will abort the sequence”. If i click “YES” then things progress normally - The mount is tracking and images are being collected.

Some background - I have never been able to get PHD2 working (by itself or with SGP) but PHD works perfectly. For this reason i am using PHD outside of SGP. I start PHD during the first image which means i have to trash the first image because of the guiding calibration. I realize this is not an ideal situation but it sorta’ works.

The other night, after frame and focus, generating a sequence and then centering on the target i started the sequence and SGP asked me if i wanted to start the scope ?? This seems odd because the software just slewed the scope, plate solved and was ready to go.

This is a little frustrating because i basically have to babysit my system during a long collection. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you…



Need some further info.

What kind of mount?

Are you using EQmod? Pulse guiding?

Is the mount’s firmware up to date?


Hello - Thank you for the reply.

I have an iOptron iEQ45 and i’m using SG4 guiding - camera directly to mount. The firmware has not been updated in a while but i’m hesitant to do that for some reason.
I am not using EQMOD - i’m using Stellarium scope when i want to run the mount separate from SGP. When i first went to connect my mount to SGP it connected no problem and has ever since. Any thoughts?



Hello. Last night I built a new profile in PHD2 and was able to get it working - first by itself then as part of the SGP sequence. So I think the PHD2 issue is solved.

There are a few things that still puzzle me and I would like to get them solved somehow. I select a target using the framing and mosaic wizzard and build a sequence from there. I then slew and center before I start the sequence to see how the plate solve is going to go - the telescope dialog tells me correct info about the scope position. If i start the sequence right after that, not only does it ask me if i want to connect the telescope, it will slew again. This has prompted me to use the hand controller to put the scope back to it’s zero/parked position after i have centered on the target. I then start the sequence, it slews, solves, starts PHD2, focuses, and then before it starts acquiring images it asks me if i want to start tracking. I get this dialog (yes/no) window before almost every light image during the sequence (but not always). The mount has to be connected and tracking during all of this because the RA/Dec are correct during the sequence, PHD2 is dithering, etc.

Thanks in advance for any insight. Thank you.



Hi Dave

You may want to search the forum for issues concerning the iOptron ascom driver.

Issues have been documented along with firmware updates from iOptron: it may help you track down what is going on.

Posting logs will be invaluable too (found under Help in SGP).


Thanks a lot for the reply. I have seen some posts regarding iOptron mounts but they appear to be from a while back with an older version of SGPro. I have attached a log file from last night. There are some iOptron messages for sure. i’ll see about updating the firmware. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


sg_logfile_20171218200303.txt (820.8 KB)