Mount stop tracking error?


Last night I got this error:

I got it twice. Once early in the evening in the middle of an image and I hit yes and the sequence restarted. This morning I got up and the same message was on the screen but the mount was actually still tracking. Since it was daylight I hit “no” to abort the sequence. The sequence then tried to restart by doing a dither and then a focus run. I was finally able to abort it when sequence recovery kicked in. The error happened at 12:26 am.

So, I’m not sure if the mount is throwing out a false report or SGP interpreted something wrong. But choosing the option which would abort the sequence did not work either.



In this case it looks like the mount is telling SGPro it is no longer tracking. We run this check periodically to ensure that SGPro does not pull the mount out of a safe state. In this case, from the ASCOM spec, the mount returned false for:


You won’t get a full picture of what is happening without mount logs explaining why it returned that status.