Move to next target even if first goes in the weeds

I don’t know whether this is a bug or a feature request. :grin:

I have a sequence set up for one target until a certain time, then a second. If skies are clear this works fine. Twice now, though, if it gets cloudy toward the end of the first target and SGP has to give up on it, it does not move to the second target at the prescribed time. It just sits there pouting until dawn. I think it should slew to the second target and at least give it a try, in case it isn’t cloudy in that part of the sky.


If enable recovery mode is enabled sgp will attempt a recovery after a certain amount of time and after the time of the 2nd target has passed it will attempt to run that target instead of where it failed.
Recovery is in the options under tools.

Thanks @Xplode. I have recovery enabled though, set to try every 5 min for 120 min. I’m attaching a log file where SGP went off the rails about 23:47, the first target was set to finish at 00:45 (58 min after SGP lost it, so within the time limit), but there was no attempt to try the second target. You can see at 00:45 SGP turns off the camera cooler and gives up. (122.8 KB)

I’ve had this problem recur twice since first reporting it, so it’s definitely a problem here. I’ve even extended my retry timeout from 120 to 500 min, with no improvement. Let me know if further SGP logfiles would be helpful.



Nothing appears to be malfunctioning with Recovery in the logs you posted. In this case, the sequence was no longer running when the second target’s start time passed (01:31).

[07-27-19 00:45:00.338][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sequence recovery failed (CenteringAndGuiding)!

For the instance when the sequence failed with 500 minutes, I would need to see the logs for that one. Please note that, regardless of settings, SGPro will abort the sequence if the mount reports passing the meridian while in recovery mode. We have a todo item to perform a blind meridian flip and continue recovery on the other side, but we have not implemented this yet.