Move to target and plate solving


Is it possibile to have to different plate solving during move to target functionality? I would to use astronometry as first solver then platesolve2 for the other.
This because platesolve2 is very quickly and it works very well if the target is close.
Maybe is it possibile to use platesolve2 and when it fails use astronometry?


Yes, in fact this is what most of us do: use PlateSolve2 as the primary solver and then use ANSVR (local as a backup blind solver.

In the Control Panel, go to the plate solve tab and choose PlateSolve2 as the Plate Solve Interface. Then click on “Blind Settings” and choose your blind solve failover interface (remote) or Ansvr (local). Then make sure to check “Use blind solve failover”.

Of course you have to then configure the settings for PlateSolve2 and the blind solver.

This all means that SGP will use PlateSovle2 first and if the solve fails will revert to (local or remote) to try a blind solve.


Thank you for the hints, I’ll try it as soon as possible.