Multi-CCD setup on one mount with dither



I would like to know, whether I can have a dual or even multiple imaging setup on one mount combined with the dither functionality of SGP. This would probably need a master imaging session, which triggers the dither and stops all slave sessions as long as the dither is finalised. I know that APT Astrophotography Tool has implemented this kind of synchronisation between multiple concurrent imaging sessions.



Not yet. It’s no problem controlling multiple CCDs on one mount but dither coordination is not yet implemented. It’s been requested and discussed in many threads. It is in the development cycle and my understanding is that code has been generated but there are complexities that Ken and Jared are still working through. Any updates on progress would best come from them.


Yup, I am waiting on this too. I have had a multi-scope setup for years and next month a friend and I will have a second two scope setup at a remote site. In fact, it is pretty much the only major new feature I really want badly. Other features are nice but that one would close to double our productivity.

MicroAstro is right, it has been talked about on several threads as much as a year or two or more back.


Ok, thank you for your feedback. Than we have to wait - hopefully not too long :slight_smile:


Hello! I still have the 2.6.xx version, do you know if the 3.xx has been implemented the possibility to manage multiple setups, and the management of Dithering for everyone?