Multiple Filter Wheel Support


Hey all-

Does anyone know if SGP can support multiple filter wheels in the same imaging setup?

I have several filters:

Star Analyzer
IR Rejection (for use with SA)

And not all of that will fit in one wheel. My thought was to use two wheels, and have an empty position in each of them, so the filters could all be used independently.

I have two Ascom filter wheels, one Xagyl and one SX. Will SGP work with both at the same time, or shall I keep all of my filters for sequence imaging in one wheel, and use the other “manually”?


(edit- added a filter)


Seems like you just want to setup different equipment profiles… 1 for each filter wheel.


Interesting idea.

I’ll look into this, is it possible to load two equipment profiles for one sequence?


No, just a single profile to a sequence. But you can have a profile for each filter wheel and use them independently. So use Profile A when you want the filters from Filter Wheel A and use Profile B when you want filters from Filter Wheel B. But you could not user them together with separate drivers. You could write your own ASCOM driver to combine 2 filter wheels.



One way to do this would be a filter wheel hub that can connect to multiple wheels and combine them into one vast virtual wheel.

AFAIK this doesn’t exist but no reason why it couldn’t be developed.



Got it. Thanks!