Multiple safety monitors


Since there is now a ascom driver for Tektite sky( I was wondering of it would be possible to add support for more than one safety monitors. Tektite sky is a cheap solution and it would be nice to add a redundant backup system to my setup. I only have a portable setup and reply on GNS to wake me should the clouds roll in so I can bring my gear inside so redundancy would make me a bit more comfortable. Basically use Tektite sky’s on one monitor and my normal cloud sensor on the other


There has been some discussions about a Safety Monitor “Hub” that would allow you to chain multiple safety monitors together. Currently SGP doesn’t have this built in and, I don’t believe, a Safety Monitor Hub exists. I’m not sure if one is in the works or if this was just discussion. Might be a good time to start thinking about one though.

@Chris any thoughts?



There are several ways of thinking of this:

  1. More than one SafetyMonitor interface providing different Safety
    conditions such as safe to open the observatory and safe to image but using a single data source. I’ve done this for the Boltwood monitor.
  2. A single Safety monitor that takes data from multiple sources and
    uses it to generate a safety state These sources could be safety
    monitors connected to real hardware or could be other devices such
    as Switch devices (which can act as sensors) or the new
    ObservingConditions interface that we are working on to provide
    weather data.
  3. A combination of 1 and 2 that uses multiple data sources to
    generate multiple safety states.

We discussed this on one of our ASCOM inner circle chats and Bob Denny pointed out that option 3 exists - it’s called ACP.

I’m not suggesting that you all go out and buy ACP (although if you do you will get a very well developed and supported product) but this gives an idea of the magnitude of of what’s involved to develop and support this.

I’ve been trying things myself and the amount of work is high and, because it’s inherently complex, I think that a lot of support will be needed. It feels more like a commercial product than a free addition to the ASCOM platform.

But if someone wants to try it that would be fine. The ASCOM platform is open so that anyone with the expertise can develop additional things using the platform.



I think the writer of tektite skies is working on this. We’ve talked about it quite a bit.

I don’t see why it’s that complicated. Just an if/and/or right?