Multipule Filter Wheel sets


Hi, I know that this has been asked in years gone by, but I have a question/observation regarding my Starlight Xpress SX Filter wheel. I use 2" filters on a 5 space carousel. I use LRGB and Narrowband and have a filter wheel for each. I assumed that I could create an equipment profile with the different filter wheels associated to each profile. However the filter wheel control seems to default to whatever was used last and the only way around it is to manually change the filter settings. Often the filter wheel control is displaying the older descriptor even after changing in the settings.
Am I missing something or am I stuck with this?
Thanks in advance.


This is from the help file:
Import: If your filter wheel supports it, Sequence Generator Pro can import filter data (this will overwrite any existing data). This function will use the currently selected filter wheel (from the sequencing window). Note: If you are defining filters for a profile, the import will use the filter you have selected in the profile manager (not the sequencer).

I have never defined my filters in the ASCOM dialog, simply use the one in the profile. I never touch the Import button. Does this help?


As @buzz is mentioning you probably want to skip the import and just name the filters for your profile. Then save that profile and you should be good to go.



Hi Buzz and Jared,
This is what I have and have several profiles created, but when I do a new sequence with profile (with the filter set I want to use), it still shows the filters used on the last session. Just can’t get my head around why it is doing it as it sounds like I am doing what you suggest.


Just a thought - if you first confirm one of your equipment profiles has the right filter arrangement, in your sequence, if you do ‘apply profile to sequence’ does it correct the filter values?


Hi Buzz,
No that’s the weird thing. If I apply the profile or do new sequence with profile, the profile is applied, camera, Focuser etc, but the filters stay as they were on the last profile used. What I did for example was to create to profiles for my WO FLT 110. One call WO Narrowband and one called WO LRGB. These had the filters set as per the name of each profile. Did this with other scope camera combinations and none seem to retain the filter sets associated with the profile.


Ok, here is the really strange thing. I tried creating a new sequence and then filled out the camera, filters, Focuser etc and then saved the sequence as a profile and it worked. Did another one with the other filter set and it worked again and each one loads with the correct filters when the profile is selected. Don’t know what the problem was with the old profiles, but they are now history. Thanks for the help and advice.


Hi Ford295
I cannot reproduce what you are seeing. I took one of my existing profiles and duplicated it in the equipment profile manager, changing the filter settings to just two filters. If I start a new sequence, I can apply either profile and the sequence settings change and its control panel options change too. I can flip back and forth without any issue. Maybe worth trying loading equipment profiles from scratch?


Hi Buzz,
That is what I have done. I have had the same profiles for several software
upgrades. Maybe something got messed up along the line. Everything seems
to be fine now. Thanks for your help.