My logfile growing huge

The last nights my logfile becomes so big that I cant open it in Notepad. (1.5GB)
Im running SGP
Do anybody have a solution for me?

Use Notepad++ it copes with big files much better and also has better formatting, searching and so on.

Restarting SGP (and your PC ) occasionally also helps. A new log file will be started when SGP is restarted.

Notepad++ 64-bit can handle files up to a size of 2 GB. If you only want to view (not edit) the logfile, there are viewers that are specialized on large files.


Thanks for inputs, I managed to copy a bit of the log, and it seems that it sudenly started to produce figures like : 1345, 1367, 5679, and so on ,for over 1GB of figures!!
Enclosed is the log when it start produce figures.

SGPlog.txt (1.5 KB)

We need to turn that bit of debugging off… should not be logging image data

Ok Ken, is that something I can do?

No, just a note for us for the next release

Resolved in SGPro 3.1 (not in beta)