My QHY10 is not recognized? Can anyone point me in the right direction?


I have just purchased SGP Pro because a friend of mine told me how great it was. My first attempt to use it was an utter failure as it did not even recognise my QHY10 was there!

I normally have no issues with things like this, but Ive been reading all the things SGP can do and my brain is a bit full of learning curve overload…

If anyone can help… It would be very much appreciated!




Make sure your QHY10 has its basic drivers installed, also, you need to have the ASCOM driver for
it installed too, SGP controls your QHY through ASCOM rather than directly through the driver itself.
This means the guy’s don’t have to write camera specific code for 10,000 different camera’s & other
accessories. You’ll also need to ensure you have ASCOM 6.2 installed rather than an earlier version.

Rather than wasting potential Imaging time under the stars trying to get it all working in the dark, do
it in daylight, it’s amazing how much you can learn and get sorted out in the light. SGP is great for sure,
give it a little time and patience and you will be rewarded well, the learning curve is not that bad once
you get your head around the basics.

Download and use EZCap to confirm it recognises your camera (uses the basic driver), that way you
know the drivers are working correctly, then, it will be just a case of getting the ASCOM side of things
sorted so SGP can communicate with it.

Good Luck


Thanks very much for the fast reply!
I do have the latest ascom installed… I verified that when I did my downloads for sgp and frame wizard downloads.

My qhy drivers are also onboard as I use Neb4 right now for my capture software.

Im sorry if I seem a bit lost on this one… But are you saying I can choose ascom in the drop menu for camera?

I know once I get all the kinks out I will love this! Sadly kinks are my middle name :confounded:


I just went back to square 1 and re-downladed the files from qhy and re-installed them.

Verified in ezcap and loaded sgp. There it is!

Can not thank you enough for giving my clouded head a clear path to follow!:pray:

Hurdle 1 cleared!:smiley:


Woooo Hoooo, you certainly don’t need clouds in this game Astrohog LOLOL

Glad you are up & running, you’ll wonder how you survived before once you get Framing & mosaic wizard
working for you, one step at a time, it’ll all come together



Yes Paul… And again thank you!
I was able to run a sequence last night for 2.5 hours of data. Very happy to see that t ran the cooling and warming cycles as well as the 3 different exposure profiles I had set!

Now Ill have to work on all the other goodies… Like figuring out what I need for plate solving… Locating… Frame and focus… All the good stuff!