My woes with SGP


thanks for that - what we discovered, however, is that the act of simply exporting a profile does not seem to make it visible to SGP, hence the problem at the beginning of this post. It has to be ‘activated’ to be seen.


I also have had STF-8300M / ST-i issues with connections, not just in SGP but other software - at some point I had so many issues I backdated the driver and my problems went away - I vowed never to update the drivers again - eventually my ST-i died and I replaced it with a Lodestar X2, supremely better guide camera than the ST-i and have never had any type of connection issues with it


i agree with that, i am deathly afraid to update the firmware of my STT (or the drivers.)

a couple of years back, i think just before DL acquired SBIG, they seem to have gotten a new firmware/driver developer and there was a burst of activity (and a lot of broken stuff.) i have no idea if it ever shook out.


Thank you folks for the healthy discussion & debate here.

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Shailesh Trivedi