Near Perfection


Just figured I would mention that I ran both and the latest PhD2 build and GNS beta last night and it was completely flawless with only the “not dithering after first frame” as an issue. That was solved with a dummy 30 second first exposure. Looking great and very stable on Windows 10 Pro.

SBIG 8300M with self-guide filter wheel
Paramount ME Direct Guide (older version of TSX w/o the synch issue)
Starlight Focuser
Pinpoint with USNO V2


Nice. Maybe I’ll upgrade! Thanks for the input :).


I should note that I did have the weird problem noted in this thread:

Solving broken and then fixed

That was the previous night and, as noted, was fixed by moving the USNO data to a different drive (fast SSD).


I saw that! Have you considered swapping over to PS2? I haven’t had any need for Pinpoint since PS2 came out. I know it depends on your FOV though; especially if you’re using the USNO data.


Have not thought about it. I had Pinpoint already since I used to use ACP and PP always worked so just used it. If it does it again, I will try PS2.


It is pretty darn good and didn’t have nearly the quirks I experienced using Pinpoint. Good luck!