Nebulosity rejection


Testing the new beta i noticed that when using auto focus the nebulosity rejection continues to return to strong…if i go into the control panel or the focus settings button and set the rejection to weak, it returns to strong and although it hasn’t appeared to effect my focus ability its a problem…

it may of course be me and not the beta, any advice gratefully accepted if it is my failing.



Re: nebulosity rejection link to log file !!


How many targets are in your sequence? Are you switching between them? Is it a sequence created with an older version of SGPro?


Two targets both created in earlier versions, that may be the problem, I assumed that the new version would just apply to my current sequence, as it happens, I did also get the centerings report as well, identified as a bug in beta 7…
I will create new sequences now and see if that resolves it.

Thanks Ray


Older sequences should still be compatible… this is one of the reasons I was asking. If you are inclined, you can attach your SGF file and I can take a look.


Hi Ken, I renewed the sequence, it appears to be working, however I still feel there’s a bug in there somewhere!
I will test again tonight if its clear and update with the sgf file if nessasary!

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Ken wrote:


I saw this myself last night. I even moved the slider back to the middle and later on during the night, it had moved back. I ‘think’ this occurred when I used the control on the AF control panel, rather than the same controls on the main AF settings dialog.


Ah interesting, i thought it was me!!

I also saw a repeat of this after the new sequence was initiated, but again i thought it may have been something in my settings.

I always tend to use the focus control docking module.

I will test again tonight and report back with the sgf file.

Regards Ray


Me too :slight_smile: I updated last night to he latest beta and noticed that Neb rejection was on strong. I opened a SGF file created from a previous version. I only captured a few frames before clouds, so I didn’t alter the setting and therefore can’t report whether I experienced it resetting itself after manually moving from ‘strong’.


Me too – was about to post my log file. Doesn’t happen all the time, but saw the nebulosity rejection jumping to max on occasion… I can post log file if it’s helpful…


We dont log this info. I did find an issue where old sequences would be initialized with bad values (remember these values did not exist prior to this build). I have corrected this. Are you saying that, in the current build, you can slide the sliders various value and they will not save here (as you switch back and forth between targets)? I cannot produce this behavior (even when I open an old sequence).


Currently running on the older sequence, no issues to press with the neb rejection

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Ken wrote:


As I saw it, the nebulosity rejection would change on autofocus initialise…it did not occur when switching targets…that appears to perform correctly.
At least that is my assessment at this time…still testing tonight.

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Ken wrote:


OK. I found several issues with this implementation. They were kind of hard to reproduce… needed a specific order of things to happen. I believe I have it in a happier state now. Will be released in


Excellent stuff Ken, its a great addition to a great system.