Need Help!


I have a ZWO 1600mm cool pro… what should my ADU be for flats frames in SGPro thank y’all! When I use the wizard keep setting my thing to 30,000 I think that’s too high… and and does my ADU have to be set for each filter?


I have a QHY163M, same sensor as yours. 30,000 is much to high for flats
with this sensor. I aim for 12-15000. I’m not sure what you mean by “does
my ADU have to be set for each filter”? All your flats regardless of
filter should be around 15,000.


Thanks for the reply! Do I have to set a different ADU for each filter? Like Ha, Sii, Oiii and LRGB thanks again


No, same ADU for all filters. Err on the side of too small ADU vs too
large ADU.


Thanks again


I have the same camera. I use 18,000 and all works fine.