Networking proxy settings for Mosaic Wizard

We are users from China. We have difficulty when using mosaic wizard download images. We contacted with each other. Most of us got this error:

We can build a proxy service to speed up the overseas connection. But there is nowhere to config networking proxy in SGP. We have to switch the proxy service to global mode. And this will make another problem for remote-control users(Their connection to remote computer will be proxy to overseas and it makes the remote desktop connection unstable). So can you add a networking proxy settings in SGP or just Mosaic Wizard?

I dont think you need a proxy. It seems like you dont have access to google is all. Can you identify a very common site that everyone in China has ready access to and has an extremely high availability?

I am going to use as the high availability internet availability check for China. This will be in available in versions greater than


I’ve updated to latest version. And it was solved. Thanks a lot!