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I’m thinking about upgrading my QSI 683 camera to a 16200 chip camera and want to make sure it works with SGP. The cameras I’m considering are in the high to low dollar range. FLI 16200, Starlight Xpress Trius SX-46 and Atik 16200. All monochrome cameras.

Will any or all of these work without a hitch with SGP? If not, what are the problems associated with each?
Many thanks!


I have the Trius SX-46 and it works fine with SGP. Note I am using v3.0.2.82 of SGP. I chose the SX over the Atik due to complaints of shutter issues (check Cloudy Nights) and I would have loved to have had the FLI, but the base price for the camera was almost $2K more than the SX which would not have been an issue until I realized that I also needed to buy 2" filters.

I would assume SGP will work with the Atik and FLI variants of the 16200 cameras as they both have ASCOM drivers.


Hi Kirk, Thanks for the info. How are you liking your SX-46? Anything you don’t like? Rick


Don’t discount the Moravian either. I’ve had the G3-16200m for 2 years and it has been bulletproof for me.


Hi Rick,
It is made in the UK which makes getting adapters to fit the Maxi filter wheel to various imaging setups a bit of a wait as no one on this side of the pond stocks them and in order to get one you have to wait until the vendor gets a camera order from someone else to make it worth their while to have your small item shipped along with the big-ticket item. I mentioned the Maxi filter wheel which is a very nice item but a bit heavy. The SX-46 and Maxi FW weigh about 3.3kg or about 7.26lbs. I had a SBIG STF8300m/FW8/OAG-8300 before and it is a lightweight compared to this setup, so you need to make sure your focuser is up to the task of lifting it. I assume it is pretty much the same story for the other cameras as well. Tolga warned me about the weight of full frame camera setups. I purchased an Optec Gemini as it can lift 22lbs., which is a bit of overkill… of course, that led to Precise Parts adapters. The whole thing has cost me a lot more than I planned and due to the horrid spring skies, I have only had a chance to check focus on a partially cloudy night. Even if I was not a weekend imager, it has been no clearer at night during the week in New England since I got the camera and my wife refuses to move to NM!
The support from SX has been great, so no complaints there. The only thing they cannot seem to address is how to get clear skies, other than that Terry Platt from SX support has handled all my questions very quickly and efficiently.


Joel is right the Moravian seems to be well liked as well. I gravitated to the SX-46 as it also has an RBI flash function. Is it worth the extra money, I have yet to find out? I did do the over-analysis spreadsheet. Not sure how to attach it here, but I compared the Atik, Moravian,QHY, SBIG FLI and SX offerings.


Would love your spreadsheet comparison! I started one, but yours is probably much more complete. Many thanks!


Hi Rick,

I sent you the spreadsheet to your email address.


Thanks Kirk, Much appreciated. Very helpful!


No problem, happy to help out. :slight_smile:


Hi Rick,

I have chosen the Sx-46 has the readout time is much lower than the Moravian or Atik. Maybe 7secs compared to >20secs. Having used the CCD now for 20hrs in the field, the SX works fine with SGP if you ensure that you connect USB before powering the camera. I also had the camera hanging up during readout approx 3 times which might me caused by other factors though.

As others noted, the SX does have RBI preflash capabilities but the ascom implemenation for this is in an early beta stage. Actually, the person, who is writing the SX ascom driver in his personal spare time, just released the first beta a few days ago in the relevant yahoo group. The chips tempature can be set and monitored but the ability to check the cooling power usage (in %) is not available.

SX customer support is superb and fast, probably the best you find and next to the technical aspects, the main reason staying with SX.

Best regards


I believe RBI is more of an issue with the 16803 chips and not the 16200 so i doubt that this is required.


are you using the sx power supply with the 46 , as a good supply is needed in fact my first supply from sx would not run my 56 , a new higher rated supply now works fine .
I say this as it showed up as a failed readout !
also bret is working on the new driver and there are still a few things to work out , but hopefully it will sorted shortly
also the 46 and 56 does have the ability to show power usage ( % ) but again the Ascom driver has to be adapted to show this , I have put this on the wanted list




Hi Harry,

All run from a battery with thick wires so dont think that the 2A are an issue.

Best regards


How is the SX 46 performing? I just received one but am having issues with it and SGP and I believe the ASCOM driver from SX. I’m using SGP ver and was thinking of trying the SX on ver as you seemed to have luck with that ver.

My issue is the camera often freezes during download after some exposures are taken.

Terry is working on the issue now and is very attentive to dealing with this. Hopefully a fix and new driver (with power usage (%) comes out soon.

Wonder if SX or SGP has any plans to develop a native driver for SGP use?