New imaging platform


Up until now, I have been imaging with a 12" Meade f/8 ACF scope but I was interested in doing some wide field, narrow band work so a new scope was called for. In addition to being an avid amateur astronomer for several decades, I am also an avid telescope builder. So I purchased a 130mm f/6 ED triplet lens from APM Telescopes (Germany) and designed and built a new scope. A pix of the scope is posted to Astrobin:

130mm APO

My first narrow band target was the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula using the Hubble Pallet:

Elehant’s Trunk

This image is based on 13, 900 sec subs in each SHO filter. Data captured over two nights using SGP with auto focusing before each sub and fully automatic meridian flips with camera rotation. Basically two full nights of unattended imaging.

I am extremely happy with the results SGP allows me to get. Great job guys!

Charlie Miller


Amazing scope Charlie. Well done! And very nice Elephant’s Trunk.


Thanks. A lot of work in that project but very happy with the results.



I use APM triplet lenses in my 130mm scope too (although my scope was built by TMB)… they are absolutely beautiful.