New Pier flip issue with NA with Ioptron


I searched all the articles and forums. I found several topics with my problem but from 2015 with eqmod and that was fixed. when I first got SGP I had good success with meridian flips and during sequences. Now I am getting NA in the time till meridian flip. If I click off use set meridian flip it showes the time till flip and is counting down correctly. If I click it back on it goes back to NA. I have a sequence setup and running and I am imaging an object east of the meridian. I have the pier side in my file naming and it is reporting correctly so my mount is reporting pier side and sgp knows how long till meridian but I get time till NA? I have tried setting SGP to flip first and ioptron to flip 4 deg past and the opposite. I am using ioptron cem60 with ioptron commander the latest versions of evrything including ascom and SGP 3.0.1. Anybody know whats going on?