New to Autofocus using ZWO EAF


so last night I used for the first time the autofocus function.

my setup:
110mm Altair.~650 Focal Length with reducer
Eagle Pro
ZWO filter wheel (5- R,G,B,Ha,Oii) and autofocus.
70mm guide scope with ASI120mm

I used the setting to autofocus after each filter change. It was “ok” but it takes a while between each filters, I guess about 1 minute. But sometimes its off (well once or twice) and I’m not convinced that its as good as a Bahtinov mask.
I did setup at 4x4 and 2 sec. my gain is at 64 on my ASI1600. I was doing the Veil nebula NCG6995.

I would love to get some insight from more experience people and suggestion to maximize this process. Do you need to refocus after each filters? Can you filter once on the red and keep the same focus for G and B but do it for Ha and Oii?

Thank you!


Typically, you’ll just want to run auto focus as a result of temperature change. While you certainly can also trigger AF when a filter changes, I would take the time to understand the at-focus offsets between LUM and your other filters. Take that data and save it as a profile and then ask SGPro to auto adjust focuser position on filter change.

thank you!! very clear. Makes sense