New user and few questions!



I’m a new user of SGPro! I have a CEM60 mount and Apo130 refractor with QHY 163C camera.

I have few (and probably stupid) questions:

  1. Focus : I use lunatico armadillo focuser, the autofocus seems to work but is there a way to focus manually? For example can I start a sequence of images under “frame and focus” and have steadily the HFR on few stars?

  2. pointing an object: is it possible to point something without do a sequence? is there a list of object like M,NGC,IC etc? or should I use an external planetarium? (any raccomanded?)

  3. I use a “web relay box” to open and close the roof of my observatory. Do you think it is possible to add it in the software like a plug in? Shoudl be fantastic after a sequence parking the mount and close the observatory




Hi Giuliano, I use the Armadillo system, it’s very good, yes of course you can manually focus, it’s done through sgp with the focus tab or through the armadillo focus adjustment tab.
However it would be better if you can use the auto focus, it’s just superb!
I have found an average motor position that generally covers all the temperature variations I might get in winter, I start of at that position and refine from there…but…I’m always carful to make sure that at end of run, I reset the filter wheel to lum so that motor position relative to lum is always held.