New user ATIK compatibility problem


I have just downloaded and installed the SGPro Trial version and have a question about connection to an ATIK420C OSC camera.
I have also within the last few days downloaded and installed the latest core software for the ATIK series 3/4 cameras
which should have also installed the latest camera and ASCOM drivers.
I am not seeing the ATIK on the camera dropdown in the equipment selection/connection box. This may be normal. The software may not support the camera model directly. But I also do not see a selection for ASCOM. Do I need to use ASCOM, and if so, where do I select that to operate the camera?
Thank you,



Once you install the ASCOM driver, the camera will appear as a choice in the camera drop down. If the camera does not appear in the drop down then the ASCOM drivers are not installed.


Thank you, Ken. I will reinstall the core software and ensure all relevant drivers are selected!