New version help


I accidentally uploaded the new version and now I have a pop up that says my trial is over. Is the new version worth the extra 80$? I know it comes with the Mosaic Wizard and I was going to purchase that but the upgrade the last time I looked was 50$. I need help with this decision. I love SGP, but I can only image when time permits and that is a dozen or so times a year.

How can I get the old version back? Or please let me know what is the benefits in the new version.

Thanks and clear ones =)


You can uninstall the new version and install the old one if that’s what
you decide you want to do. If you decide on wanting the Framing and Mosaic
Wizard you’ll need to upgrade to v3 as we don’t sell it for v2 any longer.


Jared Wellman
– Co-Founder and Developer


Hi Jared,

thanks for your response. The has served me extremely well, and I will purchase the upgrade. I thought about this last night while imaging and realized it is software such as SGP, and other efforts in hardware and technology development that has opened this hobby up to people like me.

I think I will make a donation to the people over at PHD while I am at it.

Thanks for your continuing effort to create a better product.

James Boothe


However though,

I purchased the new version and it continues shutdown before initialization.


Actually, the popup on version 3 says my trial is over and it requests licensing info, but says there is no licensing information for me.