Newbie questions


Running my first sequence tonight and have a couple of questions:
Set up about 4 hours of imaging and the sequence stopped after a couple of frames, saying sequence complete? Resumed and seems ok so far. Any idea what happened?

Next, I have set to park the mount at the end of the mount, yet it seems to say it will park where the scope points at the end of the sequence. will it not use my mounts park position?

Temperature changes - I have set to autofocus every 1 degree. I am using a feathertouch focuser with a temp readout. Will it use this to monitor?


You have to post your logs. There is a sticky on the main page about how to post your logs.

As for parking, it depends on your mount’s ASCOM driver. For instance, with my Gemini-2 I have several options such as ‘where it was last’, at a specific az/alt, or at a ‘home’ position. You can test this before you ever go out at night by hooking up SGP and seeing what it does.

Temperature changes are provided via ASCOM through a variety of means. One option is to use your focuser (that’s what I do), another is to use a weather stick device or even an online source. So, assuming your FT (I don’t have one) provides temperature via the ASCOM driver, yes, it will use that data. Otherwise, you can use an online tool to get that information.

Hope it worked out!