Newbie with a couple of questions (exposure check and sequence adjustments)

I managed to un my first sequence two nights ago. I used the wizard to frame the targe, plate solved, auto focused and captured several images. But the session left me wondering. There are a few steps from my current process that I found clunky. I’m hoping it is because I just don’t know how to do this yet.

1). After framing my target I like to take a few test frames to determine the proper exposure. In reality this is usually based on the background sky brightness of the location, but on occasion needs can be impacted by the brightness of the object. For the brighter objects I tend to shoot frames for the background sky, then shorter ones for the over exposed areas. The solution I found was to set up a single 1 second exposure and run that sequence, then capture individual frames to determine the proper exposure. Then fill out the sequence with the real exposures I need. This causes the system to re-frame and refocus which is not necessary and “wastes” time. Is there a better way? I do want my target framed and focused when I do this.

2). I have had nights when I needed to adapt my plan on the fly. For example if I planned to shoot one object until a southerly target rose, then switch, but as the night progressed the skies got bad to the south I would want to continue to capture on my original target.Or maybe I noticed the my one filter set was impacted by high clouds and I want to adjust the remaining images. Is there any way I can add exposures in mid sequence? I don’t want to stop the sequence and have to re-frame the object.

These two questions aside I see great value already after one quick session of unusable pictures. It was a warm gusty night and every shot was impacted by high winds. Nonetheless SQP worked well.

Thanks the any advise,


One way to tackle #1 (I’m sure there are other probably better ways) would be to use the framing and mosaic wizard as you’ve done and set the sequence to take more than one 10 min exposure. Once the first image is downloaded, pause the sequence and look at the image statistics and see what the “ideal exp time” is. While paused change the events to suit your needs.

As for #2 you can add, remove or change events on the fly. Likewise you can add or remove targets to/from a sequence while it is running. If you have an internet connection you can use the framing and mosaic wizard to “append” a target to the current sequence.

Others are much more proficient than I am and can give you more info, but the above should work. One great thing about SGP is its flexibility.


For 1 you can use the Frame and Focus module. These images are not automatically saved so if you want them saved you’ll need to tick the option to do so:

Yes, for unfinished and in progress events just click the ^ arrow to add more frames to that event. You can also add events and targets on the fly.