NGC 2359 - Thor's Helmet


Regardless of the problems I was having with the Dome - I stuck with it (manual intervention) as required, to get this one:

Full image & details: (Click on the linked image to get full resolution).


WOW Kinch, that’s a beautiful image


Thanks - your comments are much appreciated.



I love the subtlety of the image. It is one of the targets on my to-do list.


That’s definitely one of the better Thor’s Helmet that I’ve seen. Congrats!


Thanks Buzz - I am not one for strong colours (regardless of what the norm is)…and so many people won’t like this approach. Glad you liked it. (I may try add some more Ha though - if I get the chance).


Thanks for that Joel.


Very nice !


Thanks Kit.


That’s a really tough image… excellent job.


Thanks Ken - appreciate that.


A great image Brendan, on my list to do



Thanks Ray…hope you can get to it…even here in SE Spain it does not present itself for long imaging sessions.


Most likely to take me several years from the U.K. we have had some really poor weather this last 3 months, i’m still in Thailand at the moment great clear nights but the heat and the light pollution make it unsuitable for imaging.