NGC3372-the image that was never supposed to be


Well, thanks for the help from everyone in getting me going again with SGP. I hope I can continue to refine my setup and enjoy SGP some more.

I took a few images to test out everything and although it is not quite perfect, I’m very happy at how it turned out, considering that it was never meant to be one to display. It was a focus/guiding/dithering/sequence test.

I can see that I can refine auto focus even more so I will wait for my new flattener/reducer and then go for it again.

Enough rambling on, NGC3372 in LRGB in 47 minutes. I guess i’m lucky it is so big and bright.

Telescope: William Optics FLT132

Guide Scope: QHY OAG

Camera: QHY9 Mono @ -20c

Filter Wheel: QHY 7 position Ultra Slim

Filters: QHY 36mm unmounted L R G B HA OIII SII

Guide Camera: QHY5L-II

Mount: AZ-EQ6

Mount Control: EQASCOM

Focusing: SharpSky Pro and Sequence Generator Pro 3

Bahtinov Mask: No

Capture Software: Sequence Generator Pro 3

Calibration and Stacking Software: PixInsight

Processing Software: PixInsight

L= 4X5 min , R= 3x3 min , G= 3x3 min , B= 3x3 min

Ha= x , SII= x , OIII= x .

Binning: 1x1

Total Image Time:47 min

Light Box by Exfso

Thanks for looking,

PS: I cannot believe how many great images there are here! Kudos to everyone, keep it up!!