NGC7380 - Wizard Nebula in Hubble Palette Narrowband


NGC7380 - Wizard Nebula
Image Details:
22x 600S - 7nm HA
19x 600S - 7nm OIII
19x 600S - 7nm SII
25 Darks and 25 Flat frames for each filter
Equipment Used:
Imaging Scope: Sky-Watcher Quattro 8-CF 8" F4 Newtonian
Guide Scope: Celestron Telescopes C80ED
Imaging Camera: Atik Cameras 383L+ Mono CCD Cooled to -20C
Guide Camera: Qhyccd 5L-II
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ8 Pro
Capture Software: Main Sequence Software Sequence Generator Pro
Guide Software: PHD2
Dark/Flat Subtraction and Stacking: Maxim-DL
Post Processing: Photoshop
The data has been captured over the past two weeks, the weather has not been so kind recently, I blame all those people who bought new equipment :smiley:

NGC7380 - Wizard Nebula by Simon Todd, on Flickr



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