NightCrawler/LiteCrawler rotator question


I’m using SGP and the new LiteCrawler focuser. My focuser works but the rotator isn’t working. When I open the rotator box, the com port option is grayed out. I know the rotator functions because I can use it with the moonlight night crawler software. Makes me think it’s an EQASCOM issue. Any tips?


The LiteCrawler Focuser and Rotator both share the same COM port. So once one is connected the COM port selection for the other goes away. Also if you connect them to another application and open SGP you’ll see that both of the devices have the COM port grayed out as the device is already connected.

What happens when you attempt to connect the rotator in SGP?



hello jared:
I noticed that when I use the focuser and rotator with your downloadable software that the LiteCrawler cant be used in SGP. however, when I use only SGP, the focuser works just fine when I connect. however, when I try to use the rotator, the com port box is grayed out. it wont let me select anything.


Yes, this is how the driver works. You should just be able to cilck the connect icon in SGP and it should connect up just fine.