Nikon D5600 and SGP



I have problems connecting my Nikon D5600 to SGP. Since this model is not listed in the dropdown menu of SGP, I tried both, “auto” and “D5500” (which is the previous model with the same sensor and image processor).
SGP does not find the DSLR and suggests to remove the SD-card and try again… which I did, unsuccessfully.

I use Windows 10 (64bit) on a notebook and the connection to Win10 on a usb3 port works just fine. So I assume the physical connection of the Nikon to the notebook ist ok.

Is there anyone who got this DSLR to work with SGP, or is it just not supported(, yet)?



Good day Ken and Jared,

I helped setup SGP with a friend this weekend and they both have Nikon D5600’s. It seems SGP’s Nikon DLLS could use a refresher for the new D5600 model. I was able to use the latest SDK’s from Nikon to update their SGPs but it was only a partial success as it was saying the D5600 needed a DSBUB, lol (Limited exposures to 30") It worked for plate solving which they loved and can’t wait to use SGP with their Nikons.

Thanks for your time, hope the new Nikon DLLs can make it in the new package sometime soon.


I thought we pulled it in when I updated the libs for 3.X. Apparently not. It’s been updated and will be out in the next version.



Thanks Jared, is there something coded as to which cameras need DSUB? I was surprised to see that message even though I put the new libs in.

What I noticed is the new D5600 now uses a micro USB cable as opposed to the old UC-E6 cable, just a heads up if there’s something that needs to be modified to avoid that pop up msg.


Yes, we can’t get this info from Nikon so we have to determine it ourselves. Both the 5500 and 5600 should not need a DUSB though. SO I’m not entirely sure why you got that message…and I’m also somewhat surprised the camera connected. I guess they do both use the same MAID file though.