Nikon D7200 Support?

When will the Nikon D7200 be fully supported?

I noticed in the Equipment/Camera/Nikon menu there’s an option for D7100, but not the D7200.


Looks like the Nikon SDK supports the 7200 we just need to update our side of things. Hopefully soon.

Has anyone written an ASCOM driver for a DSLR? That would seem to be a better way to solve this than expect SGP to implement and maintain camera specific code for multiple makes and model of DSLR.


There are no ascom drivers for Canon, Nikon, SBIG and FLI. Support for all
other cameras seems pretty complete.

DSLR support in ASCOM would be awesome. They tend to be huge time sinks.

I have added the 7200 (untested). It will be in the next beta release…