Nikon D750 live view doing something weird


I am trying to setup SGP for the first time and I think I’m almost there! But when I start the live view I get a very pixelated green screen? I see other Nikon models are working so I assume I did something wrong. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Debbie


I don’t believe live view on the Nikons work at least on the 2 NIkon’s I’ve used: D5200 and D5300.

In the mean time I am assuming you want to do some focusing, what I do is use the frame and focus module. When I find the star that I want to use for focusing you can crop the view which will keep it’s position. This is great so the next image you take you can watch the spikes or the stars get tighter. You can use click autostretch on the histogram so it brightens the image.

A bahnitov mask works best for this. If you do not have a mask you can click on the [star] icon at the top it will calculate the HFR value of the star and the smaller the value the better.

I use very short exposures / low ISO for this and it works quite well, 200 ISO with 2-3 seconds (Try different ones)

I do not use the JPG preview it does not provide a clean enough image than the regular raw one.

Hope that helps.


Thanks! I’ll give it a try. I’m surprised that such a low ISO works!


Hm, seems to be working ok here with my D5100 (previously I had thought the USB port was dead…just an “iffy” connection).

I will say you probably want to disable “Auto Stretch” when using live view. It will do some crazy things as it’s using JPEG data and the white balance is likely not correct. So that will tend to exaggerate the white balance “incorrectness” a good deal.

And as mentioned above live view isn’t really all that useful. You can use it to get very rough focus but ideally you want to use a Bahtinov Mask or use the Image History Module for fine focusing.



Jared if you get a chance try it with some stars please, it does strange things in the dark even with autostretch off. Or even in a dark room it may show the red artifact issue. It totally overpowers the image. I am not sure if something is different with D5100. I will record a video of it.