Nikon D850


Is the D850 supported by SGP and, if so, is anyone aware of whether the shoestring adapter is required? I’ve only used SGP with my SBIG but a friend wants to piggyback on my scope and I wanted to verify what we’ll need as I’m not familiar with Nikons.


D850 should work but I don’t have one for testing so can’t verify. Also a Shoestring adapter should not be needed for bulb.

Probably best to just grab the release and start a trial to verify.




Which release would support the Nikon D850 camera? Running SGP 2.x and not seeing it in the Nikon dropdown menu. When I try to connect - as a workaround - the D850 giving D810a as type, it fails to connect. No problem however with the D810a itself.

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The 3.0 release added the D850. You can give a trial a shot and see if it works for you.



Thanks Jared. Any chanche it makes it to 2.X? I see for the moment no reasons to upgrade to 3 yet.
Looks a bit like Adobe PS where one gets support for newer cameras at major releases :slight_smile:


It will not. 2.6 will not receive any additional development. We may, at our discretion, fix major issues but given the stability of 2.6 I don’t really see this happening.