Nitecrawler rotation limit issues

Hey guys,

I need help with my nite crawler. I have a 10u and a QHY16200 7 position. I can’t make the rotation all the way around; I can basically go from +70000 steps to + 389000 steps before there is interactions with the cable on the back of the mount and the camera. I know with the WR35 there are 1405 steps per degree. How do I translate that into an appropriate limit that SGP understands?


The ASCOM driver has rotation limits expressed in degrees. There is quite a lot in the help for the driver about how to set the limits to handle the sort of situation you describe. However the design of the rotation system requires that the zero position can be reached and that may be a problem for you. Can you reorientate the rotator so that the zero position is in the range that your system can cope with?

I ended up changing my weights so it was nose heavy to compensate for the rotator. This allows me to use 360 degrees.

The problem is the ‘box’ on top of the 10u body where the motor cable goes in. You need a nose heavy scope to make it balance and work.

Thank you for the response Chris. Nice driver btw; no crashes in several nights of use.