No Ascom link on Camera Setting


Hi - I am a new user to SG Pro and I wish to connect my Atik 413L. I assume this will be by ASCOM. I have the Atik drivers for ASCOM installed but SG Pro does not list ASCOM in the drop down list.

I expect that I have missed something simple, but am at a loss to solve this.

Advice appreciated



Have you installed the native ATIK drivers (as well as the Atik ASCOM
driver) and also the ASCOM PLATFORM?


Yes. In fact I have used the camera for several years now using the Atik software, also Nebulosity. I moved to SG Pro because it seems to have a wider range of controls, particularly plate solve.

I have also reinstalled the Atik drivers earlier today, but still SGP doesn’t recognise it.

I am surprised that the list of cameras doesn’t show ASCOM as a selection.


An update

I have just uninstalled everything related to ascom/atik and reinstalled. Now I see the Atik camera.
Thanks for your assistance