No camera rotation during meridian flip


Last Sat night I was at my observatory testing the AF routines in The AF routine worked well throughout a 4 hour imaging run. However, during the meridian flip, I noticed the camera did not rotate. I checked the “Rotate camera…Always” option in the Target Settings dialog box and it was set.

A careful retest of the camera rotation during meridian flip was performed last night with the same result – no rotation. I had carefully checked the “Rotate camera…Always” prior to the meridian flip to be sure.

Is there something else I should be doing?

I put last night’s SGP log into my dropbox:

Dropbox link




I reviewed the logs and the code and the beta did indeed introduce a workflow bug that failed to account for the sky angle post flip (so it though you were already in place). This has been addressed and will be available in



That’s great! As always, your responsiveness to your customer base is appreciated.