No images saved with beta


Somehow my images are lost with the new beta. Two nights of data can’t be located in the directory or on on my C: drive.
Sequence appears to have completed.

I don’t get it.



%ft%tn%tn %fe %bi %ct %es %d2"_RH305-FLI_PL %fn

I see "no image saved illegal characters in path> The " or _ is illegal?

This error should stop the sequence at the first image that doesn’t save.
Also magnify glass( path review ) should tell you that it has bad charters.



Thanks. We will get this fixed next week sometime.


Thanks. It might help someone save a nights data.


I took a look at this and applied some fixes…

I’ll have to disagree with this… Images can fail to save for transient reasons. What we do seems appropriate here:

  • Present a temporary dialog indicating the error
  • Show an error in the sequence error list
  • Send a notification of the error
  • Continue the sequence

Illegal Windows file system characters are now automatically replaced with an underscore character. This is reflected in the file naming preview.


Thanks. Everything you did is great.

I hope you have a great NEAF/NEAIC. I hope you sell lots of software as a result. You guys earned it.