Notification center

The new notification center isn’t visible on my system, does it need Windows 10? I have a WIndows 7 machine

Windows 10 should not be required. Does anything happen when you click the button to show it? Also, as an aside, In January 2020, SGPro will no longer be supported on Windows 7.

I don’t see any Notification Center button. A friend of mine show me a >>> button on the right upper part, but I don’t see it.

My sgp

sgp of friend of mine

It appears your SGP is partially outside the screen on the right thereby hiding the control. Try shifting the window to the left by clicking and holding the SGP title bar and dragging left. Then click on the full window icon in the upper right to have SGP use the entire screen

I do exactly what you suggest: the screenshot shows the entire windows

That might be the entire screen but it is not the entire SGP window. The right side of the SGP window is off the screen. You can see that because the normal controls in the upper right corner are missing. You need to move the SGP window so you can see the right side of the its window then the notification center control will also be visible.

Here is the desktop screen:

@pk825 Can you please open the about box and let me know what version you are running?

I have installed the last version, it doesn’t work also with previous one. I share the screenshot this evening.


Any suggestions? Could I check something in the system in order to get some new information?

The notification center is still in beta - if you want to see it, you can download beta version

It’s so easy the solution, I’m sorry for the silly question.
I’ll wait for the stable version with the notification center