Notification Email Server Settings TSL and SSL


I did a quick search but did not find anything. Go ahead and beat me in the public square if this has already been addressed.

I tried to set up the notifications to send to my Office 365 outlook account. It keeps failing. I set up the notification on the Google account and it works well after you tell Google that you want less security.

I think that the reason it keeps failing on the Office 365 exchange server account is because it can not communicant utilizing TSL since it is not an option. I believe TSL is required for Outlook and the exchange server product provided by Office 365. Is this a correct assessment as to the reason for failure, or am I just a dumb $#@, or both. I think it is okay to offend yourself in this forum.

Please confirm. Alternately, I may have a setting wrong but I don’t think so. Anyone using Office 365 exchange accounts?


We don’t officially support the Microsoft domain accounts (whatever they are called these days). Why not just use the gmail account to send your notifications? You can still send it to your Microsoft account if that’s what you prefer.



I did not think of using the gmail account to send my notifications to my main email. Stupid me.

Thanks again.