Notification settings don't always load correctly


I’ve noticed that notification settings intermittently fail to load when I launch SGP. I’ve been seeing this problem ever since I started using notifications back in 2.4.x and the problem is still present in Here’s a OneDrive link to a log for a SGP launch in which the problem occurred:

Of note is this entry:

[2/20/2016 5:32:33 PM] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] Error loading notification settings! End of Stream encountered before parsing was completed.

This entry is always present in the log when the settings don’t load but never present when they do load correctly.

This problem is a bit of a nuisance because it forces me to religiously check the notification settings every time I start SGP and, when the settings don’t load, I have to reset them to the values that I want.



Does this happen when you shut down SGPro and then re-open it? Is your hard-disk healthy? Are you loading over a network drive?


Are you asking if I only see it when I shut down SGP and then immediately re-open it? If so, no, it seems to be somewhat random (or, at least, I haven’t noticed a pattern). Also, no on the network drive and the hard disk is healthy… in fact, I’ve seen this happen on two different machines. The error seems to indicate an incomplete write of the settings - just curious: are the notification settings written every time SGP runs or only when they change?


Yes, I was wondering if there was a custody battle over processes owning files.

Just when they change… when you click “OK” on the settings dialog.


Also… I guess the best way to troubleshoot here would be for us to take a look at the notifications.sgd file when it happens. If you can get it to happen regularly would you mind providing it for inspection?

Help->Open Log Folder; Navigate to the “Sequence Generator Pro” directory.


Yep, will do - the next time it happens, I’ll post the notifications.sgd file here.



Thx. This file can contain usernames and passwords if you use the email endpoint… you may want to private message it to me if you are using that. If you are just using GNS or file system endpoints those don’t contain any sensitive information.