Notification System with tablet no smartphoe


I do NOT have a smart phone, but I would like to use the Notification System & GNS. I have a 5th generation Kindle Fire which I think runs Amazon’s version of Lollipop(?). I used to get the tablet to load Google’s Play Store so I can at least download the GNS app. Before I spend a lot of time on it I was wondering if anyone has used a Kindle tablet in lieu of the phone.



Can you receive emails on the Kindle? If so that’s all you need. Just
configure the kindle to make a sound or whatever when a new email arrives.


Joel I edited my post to mention GNS. I hadn’t noticed that it didn’t fully explain what I’m after until I read your reply.


Ah, I see. Still, email works just fine for me (actually a text sent via email). I don’t use GNS or a kindle so I can’t be much help here.


Actually I’m glad to have gotten your reply. I had given up on emails when I spent a LOT of time on the PHD emailer only to find it would work only for a test, but not in the real world. Maybe I can put some of that experience to good use. Also
I have a question in to the Kindle “community” to see if there’s an app for audible alerts on new emails.

I must say that SGP is great – I’m getting closer and closer to a night’s sleep.


Hi Mark,

the GNS should work fine in your Fire; if you already can access google play to get the free app, it’s a matter of seconds to see if it works.

I’d appreciate if you share your results (I’m GNS’s author) - and in any case, a new version will be available in a couple of months or so, I’ll make sure it also works in Amazon’s tablets.

And agreed, SGP is great.

Best regards,



Jaime, I’m reading your GNS user’s manual now. Once I feel comfortable enough to try the 30 minute free app, I’ll give it a go. I’ll let you know if it works.


I started this process from the GNS end of things. I had downloaded the windows PC program and tested it in the Sys64WOW command processor before I started on the SGP Notification end. Therefore I didn’t read this in the SGP Help file until after the fact:

" This endpoint also requires a GNS client for Windows. There is no need to download or install this as it is distributed with SGPro 2.4 and higher. "

So now if I uninstall the GNS PC program that I put in will I disrupt what came with the SGP install? I wouldn’t be so wary except for the 30 minute cap on the GNS test and my limited computer literacy.

I guess I should know to read everything about everything before doing anything


No, you should be just fine (to keep it or uninstall)… SGPro will only use the client that it distributes (and not the one you installed).


Hi Jaime

I downloaded the free version from Google Play. The app definitely works on the Kindle. Can you verify that the app will keep the Kindle from going into “screen saver/sleep” mode. It appeared that as long as the comm had started it would keep it awake, if so I can sleep (hooray).



Hi Mark,

that’s great to know, thanks!

Yes, the idea is to keep the tablet/smartphone active while GNS is monitoring, so you can sleep but your tablet can’t :smile:

Have the charger handy, though, as a long night monitoring will surely drain the battery.

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