Notifications using Pushover


Would it be possible to in addition to using email, use the pushover system for notifications? It pushes notifications to your android or iOS device. I think this would be a great alternative to email.

Pushover link:


A variation on this request might be to allow a script interface for notifications. That way a script could direct the notification to pushover or any other notifications service. SGP would not need to modified to add a new notification service like pushover.

I am currently using the text file notification scheme so I have to have a program running all the time waiting for the file to be modified when a new notification event occurs. It would be much simpler and more efficient if SGP could call a user-defined script when a notification event takes place.


Audible warning

Even better. That would be more versatile and not locked down to just a few services.



Yes, something like an endPoint in the notification add-on that would accept scripts and send object with the content of the notification to it… so it would be easy to use pushover, call a rest webservice or whatever i’ve already seen in requests…

I’d like to see it pleeeease ! :wink:


One issue with Pushover - there is a monthly limit per application of 7,500 messages unless the developer purchases more messages. Likely not going to work for SGP.