Once again. Dual Cameras?


At the risk of sounding like a broken record… Would you please consider dual imaging support…



I don’t pretend to know SGP internals but as a long time software developer, I can tell you that adding code to coordinate the activities of multiple cameras with a single instance of SGP will almost certainly require a major amount of work.



+1 from me

Charlie, yes not trivial but I think doable. In the past the developers have indicated that it would be done with two instances of SGP, a master and a slave. Some of the work has already been carried out but my guess is that with the recent update and a general move to consolidate and stabilise the application this has been pushed back. Even a basic implementation would be great to start with which could be improved on over time. Here is hoping!


As Chris mentioned - ASCOM limits one connection to a driver ID AFAIK. There might be a workaround. I use the Optec ASCOM server - I use it as a hub for my own ASCOM drivers, since it does not block any non-standard commands (unlike POTH). In this utility, there is a feature in that which allows for multiple device connections. I don’t use this feature but it may be a temporary solution using multiple instances of SGP. I think there is a time-limited trial download.


i propose again my idea of 6 months ago… Currently i use a dual rig with main scope at 1600mm and secondary at 400mm

A second camera (slave) could be added in a second instance in “slave mode”

Then with options there could be defined some conditions to have dithering based on exposure time. Condition must be that slave camera exposure is the same or less then master camera…for example:
Main camera exposure time: 10 minutes
Slave camera: 3 minutes

While the main camera is taking the 10minutes exposure the slave camera takes 3 exposures, and wait a minute…
When the main camera completes the exposure, sgp does dither, and begin again the cycle, 1x10minutes on main, 3x3minutes and 1min wait on slave, dither and so on…

This approach could be very interesting if exposure duration ratio on main/slave is 1:1 or multiples… but could work even if there are strange ratios… for example 10 minutes on main, 6 minutes on slave (but slave have to wait 4minutes)

For main camera everything stays the same as now because it’s the only camera that pilot phd and dither requests… It could be a different approach that doesn’t need to rethink o recode the way SGP works together with PHD on main camera…

Hope it helps


I think all of this is well known and previously discussed multiple times on this forum.

As far as the complexity, I do seem to recall that at least some of the coding for dual camera had already been done.


Once again, please consider a new feature to control an additional camera. There are many requests for bug fixing in some very particular cases. But the ability to use the SGPro for a second camera seems as an essential feature request.I think it is so essential that some people, me included, would pay extra to have it.


Indeed. This feature request has been out there for quite some time, a few years at least. Would really like to see it.