Only capturing a handful of images - PHD trouble?

SGP has had trouble capturing more than a handful of images. I’m not an expert at reading the logfile, but it seems the trouble might be with SGP coordinating with PHD.

The attached log shows images captured until 2:53 on May 19. Can someone help me decipher what happened thereafter?



Doug, Could you please also upload your PHD2 log files (debug logs and guide logs) from that night? The PHD2 logs are in the PHD2 folder in your Documents folder.

Here you go.

and here is the Debug log:

I see large time gaps in the log files (both SGP and PHD2) as if the computer were suspended at around 2:57AM and resumed around 7:11AM. I wonder if you have some power saving settings enabled in windows enabled that are allowing the computer to suspend?
You should be able to see some evidence of this in the Windows event logs – use Windows Event Viewer to check. (If you are unsure of how to do this, send me a PM and I’ll help walk you through it.)

Thanks, Andy. Here is what I found:

Does anything jump out to you? I don’t know how to interpret this.

I can’t tell much from the screenshot. You can save the windows event log by clicking “Save All Events As…” then upload the file to Dropbox and send me the link in a private message.

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