Openweather setup


Can someone explain how to setup openweather? I have ASCOM 6.2, and the API key and have selected openweather in SGPro equipment profile, but is not clear how you enter the key.




This shouldn’t be difficult, select the Get API Key tab, get a key and copy it into the API Key text box.

Use the Select site tab to select your site.

There are notes explaining this on both tabs.




Thanks. I have the key. I just can’t see how to open the ASCOM OpenWeather properties (ie I can’t see a chooser box or propeties tab anywhere). Is that from within SGPro or somewhere in ASCOM itself?




It’s just the same as the setup for all the drivers in SGP, click on the setup icon - that’s the one with the crossed spanner and screwdriver.



Working perfectly now that I found the correct tab! I had forgotten about the drop down menu in the equipment module of the sequence screen as I usually only use a camera and mount.




The connection to the openwether server is no longer active after an
upgrade to one of the latest SGP Betas. Can someone give me the
right URL in the setup dialog? I have an API key and have defined my site.