Option box to recalibrate PHD2 after Meridian flip

Hi I’m having a great deal of trouble with my calibration after Meridian flip. I think this has to do with multiple issues including the difference in weight distribution on one side of the pier versus the other. Obviously there are many things that I could try to make sure that this is all working but it would be much easier to just have sequence generator pro request recalibration after Meridian Flip. I’m very frustrated when I set out to photograph an object for eight hours during the night and find that it’s only completed half when it was interrupted by a autoguider that wasn’t settling postmeridian flip.
Regards and thanks for making astrophotography and sleep compatible.

Most of the time problems with PHD2 guiding after the meridian flip are related to the Reverse Dec Output after meridian flip setting.
The correct setting for various types of mounts is available here: https://github.com/OpenPHDGuiding/phd2/wiki/Reverse-Dec-output-after-meridian-flip
If your mount is not listed or if you want to confirm the setting, PHD2 can automatically determine the correct setting for you: https://openphdguiding.org/manual/?section=Tools.htm#pierflip_cal_tool
Feel free to post in the PHD2 forum if you need any help with it.

Hi Andy

Thanks for your prompt reply, your team are the GOAT.

I use EQMOD and have not reversed Dec settings in the past. My problem is my mount setup does not have the same backlash on the East side of the mount as it does on the west. It would be good to recalibrate but certainly I will keep at the task of trying different PHD2 settings.

Again, appreciated.

Jim A

Jim, That’s not uncommon, but recalibrating shouldn’t make any difference in that regard since calibration measures the camera angle and the rate of the guide pulses, and neither of those are affected by backlash. When the mount does a pier flip, the camera rotates by 180 degrees and the guide rates are unchanged.
We can take a look at your guide log to see what the problem was after the meridian flip and confirm whether or not recalibration is the right solution.