Option to enter number of re-tries for auto focus after each filter change


I am not sure if this would be useful but it might be nice to enter number of retries to auto focus after each filter change. On the first try of auto focus after a filter change is not always the best so it might be nice for a user to enter a counter in a small box of Auto Focus setup the number of times to re-run auto focus after each filter change. Different filters are not always parfocal, so better safe than sorry to allow to automatically re-run auto focus specified by the user after each filter change.



I think the more correct solution is to setup better offsets in the Filter menu. This way you don’t actually need to retry auto focus. It also sounds like you have “Smart Focus” disabled?



I have tried measuring offsets between different filters but I always get inconsistent results possibly due where I live at 4500 feet elevation and temperature drops fairly rapidly during offsets measurement so I gave up and just simply re-focus at 1.5C temperature change and each filter change. For 1.5C temperature change is fine as it is but whenever the filter is changed and AF is run during the sequence, I noticed it does not make as good V or U shape graph due to mis-parfocal of my telescope system so I click on “Run Again” button and the V or U shape graph usually looks better. Therefore, it would be nice if SGPro could run the “Run Again” feature the number times the user desires. I am asking for this feature only for filter changes.

Yes, the “Smart Focus” is enabled but it does not always extend the AF run when I think it should have.

This is not overly critical.



A way to measure filter offet and get a good value is to make a sequence with just 2 filters, L and a different filter, set event order to rotate through events and have autofocus to run during filter changes.
Do maybe 10-20 exposures for each filter at a very short exposure as exposure time doesn’t matter.

After you’re done running this you can open image history, note down all focus positions, remove any outliers, sum them up and divide by the amount of datapoints you are left with for each filter.
You are left with 2 numbers where you can just subtract one number from the other and be left with a pretty good filter offset value.

Mabe it would be possible to add a filter offset trainer in SGP that does this automatically?